Third Debt (Indebted #4) by Pepper Winters

Third debt starts where second debt ends with Nila going home to her brother and father. But if you thought that she was safe you can think again. The Hawks get their hands on her again and this time they don’t intend to let her go. Jethro and Nila’s relationship evolves into something amazing but behind Hawks walls they are never safe. Cut, Daniel and Bonnie lurks in the shadows ready to shatter their safe haven.

Third Debt was just as great as the other books but Pepper took this one to the next level, especially with that ending.

I must say that I am a little speechless, but that is what Peppers books do to you. They take you on a roller coaster of emotions and doesn’t let you go until you are finished. Peppers writing is always flawless and deep. The way she describes emotions is second nature to her and you can feel that when she writes. The emotions pours out of her It’s amazing and highly addictive. She touches something inside of me with her writing and I always become emotional. My mind gets sucked into this world full of debts, payment and sex and I never want to leave. I never want the story to end. I am a Pepper Winters fan and I always will be. That is why I give this book 5 stars even though it isn’t nearly enough.


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